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The Workstation Group Ltd. was established in 1989, to develop and market software to assist large organizations in moving applications from IBM mainframe environments to more cost effective UNIX. Our products assist in all phases of the platform migration. uni-SPF, uni-REXX, and uni-XEDIT leverage the "human capital" in existing systems, by providing mainframe-style software to the workstation and server market, to shorten the learning curve for mainframe professionals. netCONVERT is the most comprehensive data translation aid, designed specifically for mainframe to UNIX conversion.

Our staff combines extensive mainframe experience using MVS and VM, with in-depth knowledge of UNIX running on all popular hardware platforms. Our internal network includes hosts running Solaris 10&11, AIX 5&6, HP-UX 11, Linux Redhat&SUSE, , and IBM's OS/390. In addition, we have network access to all of the other platforms on which our products run.

Under OS/390 we run the IBM implementations of XEDIT, REXX, and ISPF. To emulate our customer environments, we have a number of Windows PC's using TCP/IP and terminal emulators to access the UNIX hosts.

We welcome your suggestions for enhancements to our product line. Please call us to discuss how we can better meet your migration needs.