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The Workstation Group, Ltd. provides technical support for its products via email, fax, and telephone. Support is provided for customers during a product trial, and for those companies which have a current maintenance contract. To purchase a maintenance contract, Email the Sales department or call 847 540 3390.

A support representative is available by telephone from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM Central time Monday through Friday. Call 847 540 3390 to speak to a representative. If you prefer, you may Fax (847 540 5629) or Email your questions or problem reports to Support, and we will reply as soon as possible, within the telephone support hours.

For answers to the most common support questions, see our new Tech Tips support page.

All of our products have a common installation procedure. For detailed instructions, read the Installation Guide.

All of our products use our proprietary License Manager to control access. To access detailed information about the operation of the License Manager, read the License Manager Administrator's Guide.

Our uni-SPF and uni-XEDIT products, when run in character mode, use the terminal emulation facility built into the UNIX system. This facility can be very complex. To read our whitepaper describing UNIX terminal handling and it's relationship to keyboard mapping, follow this link: Curses Application Primer: Terminal and Keyboard Issues in the UNIX World.