uni-REXX Release 2.99

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Release 2.99 of uni-REXX is available now for Solaris Sparc and Intel, AIX, HP/UX, and Linux Intel and S/390.

New features of this release are:

  • Large file support— 64-bit Input and Output for AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Linux, and Win32. File offsets and sizes may now be up to 16 digits in length.

  • Full 64-bit execution mode available. 64-bit object libraries provided for re-linking.

  • Improved code reentrancy and thread safety to support multithreaded and multiprocessor REXX programs.

  • Uses case sensitive comparison for in-memory program searches.

  • Fixed possible sign error when dividing by -1.

  • The "delete" command in the stream() function now returns "notready:"

  • Added the RexxFreeString() function to free strings allocated by RexxStart().

  • In Win32 environments stream(file,'c','query exists') now works when 'file' is a drive specification or a drive's root directory.

  • Added the rxxusername([option]) function. Option characters may be:

    1. 'a' - Actual users name (UNIX only)
    2. 'e' - Effective user name (UNIX only)
    3. 'l' - login user name (UNIX only)

    Under Windows, the option is ignored.

  • A number of fixes to output of the format() command.

  • Added environment variables to specify the initial sizes of REXX compilation areas:

    1. REXXINITIALCODESIZE - initial code size, default 65504.
    2. REXXINITIALCONSTANTTABLESIZE - initial constant table size, default 65504.
    3. REXXINITIALSYMBOLCOUNT - initial number of symbols, default 500.

  • On "transient" or "byte" streams, charin() will now block until the full read is complete.

  • For Win32 environments, added new built in functions:

    WinGetProfile <inifile>, <section, <key> to get a value from a .ini file

    WinSetProfile <inifile, <section>, <key>, <value> to put a value into a .ini file

  • Defining the environment variable REXXSTREAMOPENDEFAULTINPUT makes the default open type input, for compatibility with the stream() function prior to release 2.32.