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uni-REXX is a UNIX implementation of IBM's System Control Language, Rexx. It originated in the MVS/TSO and VM/CMS operating systems, where it is used for macro programming, personal productivity programming, and general applications development. It is also used as a macro and programming language within many other applications, including the ISPF editor and Dialog Management Services, and VM/CMS's System Product Editor, XEDIT. Rexx is often embedded into other vendor- and user-written applications to provide macro programming and other customization capabilities.

uni-REXX is an ANSI standard implementation of the Rexx language for UNIX systems. By using uni-REXX with UNIX, mainframe Information Services personnel who must now use and manage UNIX can avoid the huge learning curve associated with the UNIX shell languages (and their equally cryptic UNIX-derived alternatives such as PERL) becoming immediately productive in the new environment.

Where Rexx has been used to implement business applications, or embedded into larger applications, uni-REXX is a critical component in porting those applications to UNIX. uni-REXX also provides system managers and personal productivity users a familiar capability in the new environment.

uni-REXX includes:

  • Rexx interpreter
  • Rexx compiler
  • operating environment related extensions
  • Applications Programming Interfaces
  • a sample library.

The operating environment extensions include EXECIO, GLOBALV, RXQUEUE, MAKEBUF, DROPBUF, and DESBUF (the latter three are only available in UNIX.) Also included are additional built-in functions that expose many of the C library functions, including those for regular expression processing and interprocess communications. Thus, programming tasks that previously required compiled C programs can now be done in Rexx.

The API's allow you to embed Rexx as a scripting language in applications written in C (or any compiled language that supports C data structures and calling sequences). You may also extend the Rexx language by adding your own functions written in Rexx or C.

uni-REXX includes a large sample library of general and UNIX-specific applications, illustrations of using the APIs to embed uni-REXX as a scripting language in compiled language applications, and an example of using uni-REXX for a client-server application.

The uni-REXX Developer's Kit includes all the components of uni-REXX plus a redistribution license. The redistribution license includes a compiler option to generate machine-code binaries of Rexx programs and the right to redistribute such binaries for execution on hosts with no uni-REXX license. It also includes the right to redistribute the extension commands (EXECIO etc.) as required for use by such Rexx program binaries. The redistribution license is unlimited.

uni-REXX is available for most commercial UNIX systems. uni-REXX is also available embedded within the extended versions of uni-SPF and uni-XEDIT. uni-REXX comes with 90 days free support, and support is available on an annual contract basis thereafter. Support entitles you to telephone and email assistance in installing and using the product, problem resolution services, and product upgrades.